Friday the 13th

We’re not very superstitious here at the Fig, but Friday the 13th brings to mind bad luck and the things that can go wrong.

When something goes awry during a clean, it usually involves our vacuums. We have a special relationship with our Dysons. We clean them, care for them and repair them. In return, they allow us to move quickly and efficiently, using muscle memory and becoming one with our machines.

And then…   we hear an odd noise. An ominous clicking or whirring. A change in the volume or pitch. Everything comes to a halt. Time stops. We’re on the floor, cradling our dear one – probing to find the wound.

I give to you: The Top 10 Things that Get Stuck

#10.  Long Strings or Ribbon: These wind around the roller brush. They simply have to be cut off, but we have to be aware that they may bind it up and break the belt.

#9.  Tubes of Lip Balm: Easy enough to remove, once you figure out which location it got stuck.

#8.  Popcorn (food and styrofoam types): Oddly, you would thing the major suction on the hose would pull these right inside the vacuum. It doesn’t.

#7.  Superballs: Those extra bouncy tiny balls you get out of a gumball machine.

#6.  Socks: Usually, kid size. They’re tiny. 🙂

They get caught in the intake shown here:

Dyson intake from the hose.


#5.  Cat/Dog Toys: The little fuzzy mice? Oh my goodness.

#4.  Kleenex Balls: While these will never damage the Dyson, they like to block the intake so that when you pull them out, lots of hair and dust come with it.

#3.  Hair Clips: I once spent a 1/2 hour after a clean trying to remove one of these from the long metal wand on the Dyson. If it goes in that easily, why doesn’t it just fall back out?

I stared down this tube, asking “Why?”

The Tube.


#2.  Large, Dried Clumps of Play-doh. Doh! Just poke ’em with a coat hanger. They will eventually crumble apart.

#1.  Pens: I can’t count the number of times I had to remove a pen from the curved tube at the bottom of my Dyson.

The curve. Straight objects don’t make it through this fun ride…


Luckily, Dyson engineers made those handy tabs to pull that thing apart in seconds.

We’ve learned to look before we poke that wand under and around furniture! So you don’t have to be superstitious and you can have a great Friday the 13th – just look before you leap!

Happy Cleaning!

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