Essential Oils

Recently the subject of essential oils has come to the fore front of the collective Purple Fig mind. (Yes, sometimes we operate as One.) I put the query to our clients as to what scent they would like in their bottles. Using the ever popular Facebook poll, I hope to please as many people as possible.

I have extolled the virtues, or “anti” properties of some of these oils to my clients while we’re discussing their homes many times. I usually forget and leave out one or two fabulous properties, so I thought I would get it all down here for a reference.

Some herbs are to me, super-herbs. They are antibiotic, antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral all at once. I call them the truly essential oils. We’ll get to their identities in a moment. Or scroll down, if you’re the kind of person who flips to the end of a book.

The oil is the easiest way to use these herbs in your cleaning and they’re all readily available. Here in ATX, you can find them at Natural Grocers, Central Market and Whole Foods, just to name a few. Look for the pure and undiluted oils, not the aromatherapy version. I tend towards purchasing the Now brand because I’ve never been disappointed by any of their products.

The general rule of thumb for just scenting a cleaning bottle (you’re familiar with our 50/50 vinegar and water mix by now) is to add 7 to 10 drops per bottle. The bottles we use are about a liter. If you’re using these for a serious application, full strength is about a teaspoon per cup of water. That can get expensive in a big bottle, so I use the pretty, cobalt blue glass bottles usually found on the same aisle. That way you can have an intense, super cleaner version and a more toned down but still effective version.

So while many oils are one, two or even 3 of the wondrous “anti” properties, only 5 make the list with all four.

  • Tea Tree
  • Lemon
  • Thyme
  • Lavender
  • Eucalyptus

There should be a scent in there for everyone! So, go forth and vote!