Easy Origami Compost Liner

While the satisfaction of composting organic waste far outweighs the task of emptying out the bin, it can still be a messy chore! Fortunately for the responsible composter, a simple and biodegradable tool can be used to keep your hands from getting dirty: newspaper.

Newspaper: The Silent Hero

All of the components of newspaper are compostable, from the moisture-absorbing paper to the water or soy-based ink. Some of this ink contains non-biodegradable chemicals used for coloring, but most consider their toxicity level too small to raise concern. Although its high lignin content results in a very slow decomposition, your local newspaper is comprised of ideal material to both cradle your compost scraps and protect your bin from mess!

Origami Bin Liner

  1. Grab a newspaper and separate 3 pages, laying them flat against a surface.


2. Take one corner and fold it across, creating a large triangle with the paper. Cut off any excess paper if necessary.


3. Take corner A and fold it towards corner C.


4. Take corner B and fold it to the left, meeting corners A & C. This creates a diamond shape.


5. Unfold the newspaper back to a large triangle, noting the creases you just made.


6. Take corner A and fold it down towards its opposite edge. Its point should meet where the original crease begins.


7. Take corner B and fold it up on top of the previous triangle, its point meeting the crease on the other edge.


8. At corner C, divide the layers of newspaper in half. With 3 pages in hand, fold them down on both of their respective sides.



9. Your liner is complete!



More References

For a video demonstration of the origami liner, let 6-year-old Bella show you the moves here!

For a PDF of an abbreviated tutorial, click here!