Down with Dust

Our current drought in ATX is dangerous on many levels and inconvenient on a smaller scale. By smaller, I mean tiny. Dusty.

The lack of moisture has caused creepy crawlies and dirt to invade our cool and moist homes. Many a client has bemoaned the increase in dust bunnies and cobwebs.

So this Tip Tuesday, we have a few helpful suggestions to keep the dust down!

– Take your shoes off! Many people walk straight in the door and wander about, bringing in dirt and dust. It doesn’t matter if you wipe your feet. Trust me, I did 8 years of experimentation with a person who refused to remove his shoes. The dirt tracks had to be steamed out of the carpet.

– Close the doors and windows or just crack them. The advent of (slightly) cooler climes has prompted many an eco-conscious person to turn off the AC and open the home to the breezes and fresh air. Dust and dirt are flying in, settling in corners and on surfaces. Try cracking the windows and a fan or two for the same effect with less dust.

– Change your AC filter more often. Some clients didn’t even know this would effect the dust level in their home. I’ve seen the first hand results of changing the AC filter and can always tell when it’s been done. Once a month during the drought is a good number. We environmentally concerned folks purchased reusable/washable filters than we can spray off!

– Despite the increased energy usage, if the dust is *really* getting to you, try vacuuming more and sweeping less. The vacuum will trap the dust particles so that you can remove them from your home. Sweeping works, but it sure spreads through the air, leaving your freshly dusted surfaces murky all over again.

– Try wet dusting. Take your dusting implement and spray it with your favorite surface cleaner very lightly. Dust with damp to trap those motes.

– Spiders, ants and other cobweb culprits really don’t like the smell of vinegar. Wipe all food surfaces with vinegar and water after cooking. Don’t forget the backsplash!

I hope you found this helpful and we long for the rain as well.

As always, if you have a tip to share, pop us a comment or email. We may feature you!