COVID-19 Safety Protocols

We are very pleased to announce that our staff is fully vaccinated, and it will be a requirement for all future applicants to be vaccinated in order to qualify for employment.

Level: Low

Employees will:

  • Provide proof of full vaccination and any/all boosters
  • **If up to date on vaccinations: optionally wear masks within clients spaces unless otherwise specified by client
  • **If not up to date on vaccinations: always remain masked and physically distanced within clients’ spaces

The Purple Fig will continue:

  • Provide KN95 masks for employees who are not up to date on their COVID-19 vaccines and by request

Clients will:

  • Continue to be mindful while the team is present and ensure that they have the space needed to work efficiently
  • **If not up to date on vaccines: continue to socially distance and wear a mask when in the same space as or when interacting with our team
  • **If up to date on vaccines: feel free to remain unmasked in your home

Levels: Medium – High

Employees will:

  • Provide proof of full vaccination and any/all boosters
  • Wear KN95 masks at all cleans, provided by TPF
  • Wear N95 masks provided by TPF at all cleans if operating under Stage 5 risk-based guidelines
  • Disinfect all highly touched areas at the end of each clean
  • Wash/disinfect hands between cleans
  • Disinfect caddies and supplies between cleans

The Purple Fig will continue:

  • Provide KN95 and N95 masks respectively for all employees

Clients will:

  • Choose a room to be completely cleaned first thing and sequester there for the remainder of the clean so a physical barrier can be maintained between clients and employees at all times (to be coordinated by the team upon arrival)
  • Wear masks when entering the same space or interacting with our team, *EVEN if you are up to date on your vaccinations

Thank you for your continued partnership in ensuring our ability to provide meaningful services in a safe working environment

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