Compost Pedallers: Local, Green, & On the Go!

Any resident of the greater Austin area is bound to have driven past a unique yard sign by now — an “I [heart] Compost” logo with a chewed-out apple core substituting for the heart. Who is responsible for these mysteriously clever signs, you ask? The answer is a source of pride for our environmentally inclined city!

Who Are They?

Compost Pedallers is a locally grown business who deals in waste. Well…food waste, to be exact. With an enthusiastic (and athletic) team of workers who certainly don’t mind getting their hands dirty in the name of Nature, Compost Pedallers’ singular purpose is to bike around Austin- both to doorsteps and office complexes -and pick up clients’ organic compost scraps.

What Do They Do?

Collecting compost is easy enough, but if a yard or garden isn’t at your disposal, finding a plot to dump your organic scraps can become a challenge of its own. Not only does Compost Pedallers happily collect and clean your bin on a weekly basis — all organic food waste collected winds up recycling back into local farms and community gardens!

How It Works

Step 1: Compost Pedallers provides you with their green compost bin, a paper bag liner, a patented yard sign, and a helpful “how to” guide to pin on your wall.

Step 2: After you toss a week’s worth of organic compost into the bin, a friendly cyclist comes by and picks up the used compost bin straight off of your porch, swapping it with a freshly cleaned (and peppermint scented!) bin.

Step 3: Compost Pedallers drops off their clients’ organic compost at local farms and gardens, and clean their daily supply of used green bins to stock up for another week of cycling!

Service Perks

Besides the obvious benefits of promoting organic eating, responsible disposal of organic waste, and local gardening practices, Compost Pedallers takes pride in the fact that their service is fuel-free.

Compost Pedallers also offers major incentives to businesses in need to meet sustainability goals, cutting office waste by over 30%. As for food enterprises (cafes, restaurants, food trucks, grocers, etc.), Compost Pedallers promises to reduce production waste by 80%! Their customizable service not only cuts down trash collection fees, but aids in URO compliance laws (effective in 2018).

If you’re in desperate search for a compost angel, support local business and local gardening and give Compost Pedallers a call!