Keep it Clean

Do you clean house (or have us do it) and look around in a week and wonder how it got so dirty? I did too. Of course, since I lived alone; I realized it was my fault.

So the answer is to have a roommate/living partner to blame it on. Okay, I’m just kidding.

Really, it’s the little things. One that popped into mind the other day was the bathroom sink. It can look pretty bad, especially if it’s shared. And if it’s shared with someone who shaves. Toothpaste, soap, little hairs, hair from blow drying. Ick.

This stuff all dries and then sticks, making it harder to clean. Make it easy on yourself. If you add 5 seconds to your morning routine, it will shave off 5 minutes of cleaning later and your sink will be cleaner and you won’t feel stressed out looking at it.

Right before you leave the bathroom, turn on the water and cup your hand under there. Toss the water lightly around the sink bowl. Repeat several times.

Amazing, isn’t it?

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I even caught J doing it the other day. There was a nice dinner that night. Positive reinforcement people.