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Central Texas Drought

We here in Austin are in the midst of the drought gripping central Texas. You can read all about it at the Drought Monitor and at LCRA. Scary stuff. What can we do to help? There are some small things that can make a big difference! Some things are obvious. Stop watering the lawn: eitherRead More

Fruit Fly Invasions

Fruit flies are a very common problem amongst our greener clients and I get a lot of questions about getting rid of them. This is so common that it has been covered on a lot of blogs and wikis and just a few clicks can give you many tips and tricks! Some of the best:Read More

Interesting Inbox

I’ve been pretty discerning with what I let continue to hit my inbox. This week has yielded some great articles that we’d like to share. Have you read something great and green lately? Hit us up in the comments! Cancer, Cured. at Seventh Generation’s Blog: This subject hits home for me, with a close familyRead More

Relieve Dreary Weather Boredom!

  It’s a little chilly out there for us Austinites. The kids and dogs are probably going a bit stir crazy, being stuck inside the house. How do you keep everyone happy? Make things! First, distract the dog with some home made toys: A few ideas from Wise Bread. Organic Authority has a green, reuseRead More

Happy New Year!

The New Year is upon us and I, like most, find it a time of reflection and an opportunity to set goals. This year, instead of the usual goals (exercise, lose weight, save money, etc.) why not try something new? Something green… You could: Start Meatless Mondays: Don’t eat any meat on Mondays. Or whichRead More

Things We Like…

Just a couple of quickies this week… I spoke with a couple of people from East Side Compost Pedallers last weekend while at in.gredients. Great company, great guys and amazing cycling skills with those compost bins on there. Check them out, like them and try them! Seventh Generation has an interesting article about hidden toxinRead More

We like Moso Natural Bags!

We ran across a great, eco-friendly product in a client’s house this week. I’m always pleasantly surprised that we can continue to learn and discover new ways to be green and clean nearly every day! The Moso Natural Bag: It contains a bamboo charcoal that absorbs moisture and odors and all sorts of things youRead More

Shirts, Farmer’s Markets and FAQs

We’re feeling very fashionable here at The Purple Fig… ; We have lovely new shirts that are soft, comfortable and proudly bear our logo! In other news, we now appear at the Mueller Farmer’s Market on Sundays. So if you miss us at Barton Creek Farmer’s Market on Saturday, come find us on Sunday! They’reRead More

Eat Green to Be Green!

If you’re interested in living green, you’ve probably heard of the plant based diet by now. Brought into popularity by the book and movie Forks Over Knives, a vegan way of eating has been launched into the mainstream. A plant based diet has certain benefits that are undeniable. Not eating meat certainly lowers our carbonRead More

Get Started with Green Cleaning! We have a Yelp Deal!

Have you been following us and wanting to give us a try? Well, now you can grab a Yelp deal and find out what it’s like to come home to a chemical-free clean space! There are only 30 of them out there, so go grab yours now! We’ll send one of our green cleaning specialistsRead More


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