Austin Woman Magazine: Creating Healthy Spaces

My husband and I had been working on changing to a greener lifestyle when I met Amanda May at the Sunset Valley Farmer’s Market. She mentioned that The Purple Fig was putting on a natural cleaning seminar and I thought that learning how to make my own products instead of purchasing green cleaners seemed ideal.” said Helen Novielli. “ I love the natural cleaners. I don’t miss the harsh chemical smells at all!

In November of 2007, May quit her job as a public accountant and started The Purple Fig Cleaning Company. May already had the idea of an all-natural, non-toxic cleaning company in her head when she was refused unpaid leave during a slow work period. “I had been going around to people at parties and trying to convince someone to start an all natural cleaning company. ‘Oh this would be such a great idea; this would be a really cool business.’ But no one did it, of course. So when my firm denied my vacation, I decided that I was going to do my own thing. And so I ended up starting this business that I’d been telling other people to do., “ said May with a smile. “

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