All You Ever Need

All you ever need in a sponge!

The great sponge trial is over, with fantastic results.

After 10 house cleanings, the loofah/sponge hybrid is still going.

picture of sponge

After 10 cleans!

The pros and cons:


The hybrid is long lasting and compostable. Far more green than I had even hoped. Once wet, it is flexible and easy to use. It rinses very well, unlike the scritchy side of conventional sponges. The edges get under and around tighter spaces too!


There are only two cons to the hybrid. After the first couple of cleans, the loofah starts shedding and you have to wipe the threads away. It stops after a few cleans and since we polish after sponging, not a big deal for us. The second con is that it doesn’t removed really stuck on stuff. The stove top being the main area. I resolved this by purchasing a long lasting scritchy sponge from Reuseit as well.

image of sponge


I expect this sponge to last months, as I only had to use it once this week for a bit of food that the loofah couldn’t handle.

We’re so excited to find more ways to become greener!

Happy cleaning everyone.