Hello kids! I believe I promised you a little journey last week.

Well, we aim to please. Today I tried to clean up that mold we talked about in my corner of shame. I used our usual cleaning implements, vinegar and baking soda, and on the other side I tried lemon juice and salt.

I did a bit of an amateur video so that you could join me on this journey! Seriously, be gentle. It’s our first time with video. We’ll get better, we promise.

Kill Mold


Spoiler Alert!

It turns out that both seem to kill the actual mold on top of the caulk. But there is the nasty stain left behind. What I noticed during my research is that most of these cleaning options are for non-porous surfaces. We will persevere, however, and see if any of these solutions soak into the caulk and lift out the stain. I hold you’ll join us next week!