Our Team

Everyone on our team is extensively trained in the art and science of green cleaning.



Hello there! I’m a local Austinite– born here, raised abroad and then back here for college and beyond. I’m passionate about all-things-eco-friendly, yoga, running, healthy eating, etc. I also firmly believe that a cup of jasmine tea makes everything better. I love working hard to make sure our clients received the best service possible and I love the process of continuous improvement.

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Lauren is a native Austinite (no, really, they exist!) and is the Office Manager at The Fig. She lives with her husband, two stepdaughters, two dogs (Dr. Girlfriend and Hondo), and four cats (Mr. Linus, Helena, Leonard Nimoy, and Boba Fett)!

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Hello, my name is Amber! A few of my favorite things are raindrops, ladybugs, and family gatherings. I love walking trails with my husband and discovering new sights around town.

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Photographer, videographer, blogger, and veteran Figlette – Cara received her B.A. in Film and Digital Media from Baylor University and moved to Austin in 2013 in hot pursuit of a creative freelance career. Her favorite part of cleaning is vacuuming up ludicrous amounts of pet hair.

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Kate recently moved to Austin and is having a great time so far!

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Nic is a jazz enthusiast and Texan native raised abroad.

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I was born in Roswell, NM. I have lived in California, Indiana, and just moved to Austin! So far it’s been an amazing experience! I’m looking forward to many more adventures in this great city and with The Purple Fig.

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Hi, I’m Rachel! I’m originally from Houston but love living in Austin. I really enjoy yoga, journaling, drawing, and hiking! You can find me humming along to Ray Charles while I’m at work 🙂

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Hi I’m Emily and I’m from Virginia! I love listening to music, playing guitar, taking pictures, going to shows and hiking in my spare time. I’m really excited to explore state parks in and around Austin!

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Kyle was born and raised in Austin and is newly returned after a year in Dallas. He is a film and T.V. enthusiast who enjoys cooking, writing, and playing guitar.

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Hi, I’m Katrisa and I currently live in South Austin with my 9 year old Pom-Chi named Ricky – he’s very friendly and cuddly 🙂 I love to draw, hike, and garden in my spare time!

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I just moved to Texas from Pennsylvania! I like playing video games with my boyfriend and watching movies 🙂 I’m a simple person, so that’s basically my life story!

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Coffee. Cats. Chronicles of Narnia. My favorite thing about working for Purple Fig is meeting everyone’s fabulous animals!

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Hi there, my name’s Hank and I’m The Fig’s Shop Dog! My momma’s bring me in a few times a week to keep everyone in good spirits around the office 🙂 I enjoy meeting new pups and people, getting cuddles, napping, and tossing sticks around outside – I’m really good at it! Check out myRead More

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Nick enjoys rollerblading (never once in his life) and baking. He’s an avid reader 🙂

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Our Products

It’s difficult to tell what toxins come from which household cleaning chemicals, so we would rather not use any of them. Especially when natural options can get the same job done. At The Purple Fig, we believe a cleaning service can be affordable, thorough, all-natural and treat employees fairly. All with the friendliness you would expect from a local Austin business.

Our Mission

We value our employees and foster a respectful work environment by sharing our profits. We are equally dedicated to serving our community. The Purple Fig Cleaning Company promotes environmentalism and localism and encourages the use of safe natural products. The following list highlights the core values that make up the heart and soul of The Purple Fig Cleaning Company.

We Strive to:

  • Support the quality of life of our employees by offering them health insurance and fostering a respectful and cooperative work environment.
  • Serve as a local and national model for a successful cleaning business that values its employees and the environment.
  • Encourage employees to strive for excellence and offer our loyal clients low employee turnover rates.
  • Promote environmentalism through the use of safe, natural products.
  • Enrich the community by promoting localism and inspiring people to use products from small local businesses rather than national corporations.
  • Educate and inspire the Austin community by serving as a model of a successful socially conscious “green” business.