How do you know your team is healthy?
Our office team is conducting temperature tests of each team member every morning and maintaining constant communication with the team throughout the day. If a team member reports they are not feeling well, they are requested to stay or return to their homes. Any team member with a fever must provide a doctor’s note before returning to work.
What PPE are you providing to team members, and how is efficacy maintained (e.g., via disinfection or swap-out)?

Employees will put on all PPE before entering your home. They will be wearing:

  • Face mask- N95 (disinfected daily and replaced as needed—also belonging to one person)
  • Disposable clothing covering (one per home)
  • Disposable gloves (multiple pairs as needed per home)
  • Disposable foot coverings (one pair per home)
How are you preventing the possibility of spreading contamination from one client’s home to another’s (e.g., via shoes, vacuum cleaners, bags, or bins of supplies)?
  • Employees will have fresh foot coverings at each home.
  • We are disinfecting the heads of our vacuum cleaners and supplies caddies between cleans.
  • Each home on our daily schedule has a bag of clean rags. These bags are separated and washed after being used once.
  • None of the supplies that travel between homes will directly touch the surface in a client’s home. We will put a clean rag under the supplies caddy and keep any supplies, not in use, inside the caddy.
How can clients remain in the home during cleaning services?

On the morning of your scheduled appointment, the office will call to verify where you would like the team to clean first. For example, select an office and a bathroom, after this area is clean, you can stay in this area for the remainder of the appointment.

To maximize everyone’s safety, we are asking clients to minimize movement throughout the house to provide as much distance possible between them and the cleaning crew. Please remember to use the restroom and get any snacks/coffee/beverages you need before we arrive.

If you have to move from one area to another, please wear a face covering.

Do you include any disinfection services with my clean?
As we exit your home/space, we spray high traffic areas such as light switches, faucets, and doorknobs with our hospital-grade disinfectant. The disinfectant is a liquid spray that must remain on the surface undisturbed for 10 minutes. Once the 10 minutes have passed, wipe away any visible residue/watermarks with a paper towel or clean cloth.